Francis Metallic Surfboat

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Francis Metallic Surfboat

From about 1854 to at least 1863, this surfboat was used for lifesaving purposes near the Saugatuck Lighthouse. It was one of 48 used on the Great Lakes and one of 137 used nationally. Joseph Francis, owner of the Francis Metallic Lifeboat Company, used his patented press to form the boats' metal hulls. In 1890 Francis was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal for his many inventions used to improve life-saving. In 2015 this boat was listed in National Register of Historic Places.
photo of Francis Metallic Surfboat

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photo of Francis Metallic Surfboat

Erected 2016

Location: 130 Center Street
Douglas, Allegan County


Latitude: 42.644020455, Longitude: -86.20339214

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