USCG Cutter Mackinaw WAGB 83

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USCG Cutter Mackinaw WAGB 83

Built in 1944 at a cost of $10 million, U.S. Coast Guard cutter MACKINAW had six ten-cylinder engines that enabled it to cut through several feet of lake ice. The powerful steel icebreaker was commissioned during World War II to aid year-round navigation so freighters could carry raw materials for war production. For sixty-two years MACKINAW left its home port of Cheboygan to open or extend the navigation season, clear the shipping lanes, or free vessels that were stuck in the ice. MACKINAW was unsurpassed in size and capability among icebreakers. When the coast guard decommissioned the vessel in 2006, it was given to the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum.
photo of USCG Cutter Mackinaw WAGB 83

Erected 2008

Location: State Railroad Dock
Mackinaw City, Cheboygan County

World War II

Latitude: 45.779836736, Longitude: -84.72535

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