Father Marquette Park

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Father Marquette Park

Serving as Priests, explorers, cartographers, linguists, farmers, scientists and chroniclers, Jesuit missionaries introduced Christianity to the Great Lakes region. Among them was Father Jacques Marquette, Born in Laon, France, he came to Quebec in September 1666. In 1671 he and Chippewa Indians who had been forced east by the Sioux established St. Ignace mission at the Straits of Mackinac. From there Marquette and Louis Jolliet set out on their voyage to the Mississippi River in the spring of 1673. Ill before the journey began, Marquette died on the return trip, on May 18, 1675. Indians from St. Ignace later brought Marquette's remains to a chapel on the site where they were rediscovered in 1877 by Father Edward Jacker.
photo of Father Marquette Park

Current thinking is that the Native Americans accompanying Father Marquette were members of the Huron and Ottawa tribes.

Erected 1987

Location: 501 South Front
Marquette, Marquette County


Latitude: 46.5396760, Longitude: -87.3933649

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