Indian Trail

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Indian Trail

The trail that begins here was one of the most important in the Upper Peninsula. The Noquets, an Algonquian tribe, lived in this area and used the trail in their frequent travels between Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. In places the trail is deeply worn from centuries of use. Beginning in the early 1800s, the Northwest Fur Company and the American Fur Company established posts at Grand Island, near the Lake Superior end of the trail. Traders, lumbermen and others continued to use this route until a county road was built. The U.S. Forest Service has reconstructed the trail and maintains it for hiking and riding.
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Trail Map

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Erected 1968

Location: West side of Cty Rt 509 North of US-2 and South of Bill's Creek
Mason Township, Delta County

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Native Americans

Latitude: 45.9513436, Longitude: -86.9161677

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