Keweenaw Bay

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Keweenaw Bay

This region's history is long and rich. Father Menard, the Jesuit missionary, wintered near what is now L'Anse in 1660-1661. Near here Father Baraga set up his mission in 1843. He and the head of the neighboring Methodist mission, the Rev. J. H. Pitezel, were good friends. Furs and fish figured prominently in the bay's early history as a source of economic wealth. In the 1880's and 1890's the area's timber was cut with Baraga and Pequaming being the centers of lumbering.
photo of Keweenaw Bay

Erected 1957

Location: State Park
Baraga, Baraga County

Natural Features

Latitude: 46.7605909, Longitude: -88.5006237

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