Simeon Perry Farmstead / Perry Family

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Simeon Perry Farmstead

In 1826 Simeon Perry (1804-1880) came to this area with his father, Edmund, a cousin, Roland, and his sister, Eliza. They built a log house. Then Edmund and Eliza returned to Avon, New York, to bring the rest of the family to their new home. In 1828 Simeon married Sarah Cartwright (1806-1876). He purchased this land in 1829 and built the central part of this house in 1834. The west wing was probably added soon after the house was bui< the south wing came much later. The hand-hewn beams and Greek Revival style validate its age.
photo of Simeon Perry Farmstead

Perry Family

Simeon and Sarah Perry raised their six children in this house. Their oldest child, Isabel, was the first child born in what was once called "Perry Settlement" because so many members of the extended family of Simeon's father. Edmund, lived here. The 1879 History of Genesee Count included Simeon's memories of the hard work of clearing his father's and his own land and of rounding up his father's stock before fields were fenced. In 1873, in poor health, Simeon sold his farm to his son-in-law William Green. Grand Blanc Charter Township purchased it for a park in 2002.

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Location: 5078 Perry Rd
Grand Blanc Township, Genesee County

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Latitude: 42.92601782, Longitude: -83.6094367

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