Buchanan North & West Neighborhoods

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Buchanan North & West Neighborhoods

This historic district dates to 1842, when mill owner John Hamilton platted Buchanan. Many early residents worked in milling. Late 19th and 20th century industries, including Zinc Collar Pad, furniture factories, Electro-Voice and Clark Equipment, spurred growth. Civic work included planning the 1923 Buchanan High School. Katherine Kingery led the 1920s effort to convert an abandoned cemetery into a playground. The district was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2011
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Residents of this historic district have had diverse occupations and civic interests, and included civic leaders, merchants, teachers, executives, and industrial and skilled workers. The 20th century automotive designer Virgil Exner grew up here. From the 1840s to 1961, over three distinct eras, residents built their homes in more than twenty different architectural styles, particularly Italianate; Gable Front and Wing; Prairie; Arts and Crafts; various Revivals; Bungalow and Ranch.

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Location: Front and Detroit Strrets
Buchanan, Berrien County

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