Elk Rapids Golf Park

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Elk Rapids Golf Park

Elk Rapids thrived in the late nineteenth century due to the lumber industry boom and local iron and chemical manufacturing plants. When the economy declined, people left to find work. Between 1910 and 1920, the town lost two-thirds of its population. In 1921, residents formed the Elk Rapids Resort and Industrial Association. Their goal was to build a golf course to increase tourism. In a September 1922 special election, voters passed a $9,000 bond for park purposes, including the golf course. To design the course, the association hired Scottish golf course architect Donald J. Ross, whose prior work included the Oakland Hills course in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
photo of Elk Rapids Golf Park

Erected 2015

Location: 724 Ames St
Elk Rapids, Antrim County


Latitude: 44.900009368, Longitude: -85.39474368

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