Onekama Springs / Glen Park

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Onekama Springs

In 1880 A.W. Farr, a lumberman, mill operator and later State Senator, purchased land that included Onekema Springs. Contemporary newspaper hailed "rare medicinal powers" in the water "bubbling up here and there" around Portage Lake and Onekama soon became a mineral springs resort. Boats from Lake Michigan and trains from Manistee brought guests to the Saratoga of the West." The Glen House, destroyed by fire in 1892, was the main hotel.
photo of Onekama Springs

Glen Park

John Wallace "Captain Jack" Crawford (1847 - 1917), cavalry scout, friend of Buffalo Bill Cody, and cowboy poet, made Onekama his summer home fro several years around 1908. He set up "camp" at the springs where he performed for guests. In 1914 the springs returned to the Farr family. The area around the springs was platted with the name "Glen Park" in 1916. In 1961Newton Farr. A.W. Farr's nephew, deeded the land to Onekama Township ensuring future public access to the springs.

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Location: Onekama Springs
Onekama, Manistee County

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