Grace Methodist Church

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Grace Methodist Church

Methodism had considerable success in Cornwall, an important mining area in southwest England. Cornish miners migrated to the Keweenaw Peninsula during the copper boom of the mid-nineteenth century brought their devotion to Methodism with them. The founded Grace Methodist, Houghton's first church 1854. The congregation built a simple frame sanctuary at this location in 1859. In 1893 the current building was was erected. The Jacobsville sandstone edifice, designed by local architect William T. Pryor in the Richardsonian Romanesque style reflect Houghtpn's growth and prosperity. Grace Methodist survived a devestating fire in 1916 and is considered the "mother Church" of Methodism in the region.
photo of Grace Methodist Church

Erected 2006

Location: 210 Isle Royale St.
Houghton, Houghton County

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Latitude: 47.121039, Longitude: -88.56687

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