Hamilton Grange Hall / Hamilton Fair

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Hamilton Grange Hall / Hamilton Fair

Local farmers organized Hamilton Grange No. 355 in 1874 and built this hall the following year. Lacking a town center, area residents congregated at the hall, which hosted elections and rallies as well as school programs, church services, funeral, lectures, and parties. By 1897 No. 355 was among the largest granges in the state and hosted annual fairs on land adjacent to the hall. When the grange disbanded in 1977, this building became the Hamilton Township Hall.
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The Hamilton Grange hosted the "Great Free Fair" annually from 1878 until around 1913 when the county fair began. Crowds of people came to hear speakers, watch horse races, attend picnics, and view exhibits at the fairgrounds just north of here. Farm families competed by displaying produce, livestock, bread, canned goods, floral arrangements, and needlework. In October 1905 over five thousand spectators from the Hamilton area came to hear Governor Fred Warner address the crowd.

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Location: 84040 County Rd 215
Decatur, Van Buren County


Latitude: 42.11364643, Longitude: -86.0504361

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