Zeeland Cemetery

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Zeeland Cemetery

Early Zeeland pioneers and prominent twentieth century figures are buried in Zeeland Cemetery. Dutch immigrants settled Zeeland in 1847 under the leadership of the Reverend Cornelius Vander Meulen and Jannes Vande Luyster. The city's first cemetery, located at the southwest corner of Church Street and Central Avenue was used from 1847 to 1852. In 1855, Van Luyster sold this site to the community for use as a cemetery. Maples, white pines, spruce, cedar and yew create a park-like setting. Many area veterans are buried here, their graves marked with identical white marble tombstones. In addition to early pioneers, Zeeland Cemetery contains the remains of prominent political figures and entrepreneurs.
photo of Zeeland Cemetery

Erected 2000

Location: Lincoln and Church Streets
Zeeland, Ottawa County


Latitude: 42.8085623, Longitude: -86.0140228

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