Jamestown Reformed Church

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Jamestown Reformed Church

Completed in 1828, this church was designed by the Grand Rapids architectural firm of John and George Daverman that planned several Reformed and Christian Reformed churches in western Michigan in the early twentieth century. Jamestown's settlers originally traveled four miles to Forest Grove in order to attend services at the Reformed church. In 1889 The Classis of Holland approved a petition from the Jamestown parishioners to form their own congregation, which they named the Second Reformed Church of Jamestown. The first church building was dedicated in 1891 and it was used until December 24, 1927, when it burned. Rather than rebuild, the congregation decided to construct the present church, which in 1937 was reincorporated as the Jamestown Reformed Church.
photo of Jamestown Reformed Church

Erected 1989

Location: 2340 Riley St
Jamestown, Ottawa County

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Latitude: 42.825687, Longitude: -85.840147

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