Al Meyers Airport

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Al Meyers Airport

The Al Meyers Airport is a privately owned airport designed for public use. It was established in 1939 -40 by a twenty-seven-year-old airman, designer and manufacturer, Al Meyers (1908 - 1976). When World War II broke out, Meyers received a contract to build planes for pilot training under the Civilian Pilot Training Program. He selected Tecumseh for his production site. His government contract ended just prior to the close of the war; however, he continued to manufacture planes for private use until 1966. This field, originally the Tecumseh Municipal Airport, was renamed Al Meyers Airport in 1975. The airport is still privately owned and is used for transporting manufactured goods and for the restoration of all types of airplanes, especially the Meyers plane.
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Al Meyers, a native of Allenhurst, New Jersey, settled in this area in 1939, after accepting a government contract to manufacture planes for pilot training. Prior to that he had visited the area as a barnstormer, selling airplane rides and performing aerobatics to raise money to build a prototype plane for the private flyer. In 1941 he formed the Meyers Aircraft Company. After the war, the company produced the Meyers 145 and four series of the Meyers 200, one of the most advanced private plane of its time. The company manufactured aluminum boats to help finance the production of these planes. In 1966 the Meyers 200 was sold to North American Rockwell, and production moved to Albany, Georgia. The boat division was sold in 1977. Proceeds from the sale were used to start the Allen H. Meyers Foundation.

Erected 1987

Location: Macon Rd at Tecumseh-Clinton Hwy
Tecumseh, Lenawee County

World War II

Latitude: 42.0236181, Longitude: -83.9425420

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