Kalamazoo Gazette

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Kalamazoo Gazette

Founded in 1833 as the weekly Michigan Statesman and St. Joseph Chronicle, this newspaper, edited by Henry Gilbert, followed the United States Land Office when it moved from White Pigeon to Kalamazoo in 1835. It first appeared as the Kalamazoo Gazette on January 23, 1837. On March 26, 1872, under Andrew Shakespeare, it became a daily publication. In 1925, the Gazette moved to its present location. It celebrated its 150th anniversary of publication in 1987, the year of Michigan's Sesquicentennial.
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Erected 1987

Location: 401 South Burdick
Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County

Business & Industry

Latitude: 42.288543, Longitude: -85.582979

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