Center Eaton United Methodist Church

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Center Eaton United Methodist Church

On November 30, 1878, the local Methodist class purchased land for a church from Benjamin and Catherine Spotts for $25.00. Church men cut and hewed the logs for the building. The Reverend B. E. Paddock dedicated the church on November 10, 1881. Luren D. Dickinson, governor of Michigan from 1939 to 1940, taught Sunday school here both before and during his tenure as governor. From 1918 to 1955 the church sponsored Lulu Tubbs a missionary in Southern Rhodesia, which became Zimbabwe.
photo of Center Eaton United Methodist Church

Erected 1987

Location: 2145 Narrow Lake Rd.
Eaton Township, Eaton County

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Latitude: 42.533454, Longitude: -84.791335

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