Michigan and Ohio Railroad Depot

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Michigan and Ohio Railroad Depot

A grand celebration and a baseball game greeted the Michigan and Ohio Railroad when its track reached Moscow on September 4, 1883. This Stick Style station, completed the following month, was "quite an ornament to the place," according to the Hillsdale Standard. The two-room depot serviced mail, freight, and passengers for the two freight and two passenger trains passing through Moscow each day on the Michigan and Ohio's Allegan - Toledo line. In 1887 the Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railroad purchased the Michigan and Ohio and its depots. Successive railroad companies maintained the depot until around 1930 when the New York Central closed the line. In 1933 the building became the Moscow Township Hall.
photo of Michigan and Ohio Railroad Depot

Erected 2000

Location: 7324 E. Chicago Road
Moscow, Hillsdale County


Latitude: 42.049962, Longitude: -84.509735

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