Franklin Boulevard Historic District

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Franklin Boulevard Historic District

Built between 1845 and 1930, this neighborhood of 93 structures retains a turn-of-the-century appearance with its mix of Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Stick style and Colonial Revival architecture. During Michigan's early period of industrial growth (1880-1920), prominent leaders of timber, mining, publishing, carriage and automobile industries made their homes in this area. Most notably, the 1848 Italian Villa style Myrick-Palmer House located at 223 West Huron Street was the home of Charles H. Palmer, a nineteenth century educator and copper miner. Also significant was 269 West Huron Street, home to Oliver Leo Beaudette, whose father founded the O. J. Beaudette Body Co., believed to be the first to use metal on automobile bodies.
photo of Franklin Boulevard Historic District

Erected 1986

Location: 269 West Huron
Pontiac, Oakland County

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Latitude: 42.636999, Longitude: -83.302374

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