Dexter Depot / Track Pans

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Dexter Depot

The Michigan Central Railroad reached Dexter from Detroit on July 4, 1841, just after Dexter's first depot was completed. Frederick H. Spier of Detroit designed the present depot, which was completed in record time. Work began on November 6, 1886, and at noon on January 19, 1887, the station opened. The plantings for the grounds came from railroad greenhouses at Niles and Ypsilanti. The depot had two waiting rooms, a ticket office and a baggage room. Passenger service ended at the Dexter depot in 1953.
photo of Dexter Depot

Track Pans

Kinnear, located two miles west of Dexter was the site of Michigan's first railroad track water pans, which were built in 1901. The pans were situated between the rails and heated during cold weather. Steam locomotives scooped up the water as they moved over the pans. The Kinnear pans and telegraph station were named after Wilson S. Kinnear, chief engineer of the Detroit River Railroad tunnel. In 1913 the pan were dismantled and moved to Four Mile Lake between Dexter and Chelsea.

Erected 1987

Location: 3487 Broad Street
Dexter, Washtenaw County


Latitude: 42.340094, Longitude: -83.883903

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