Brown Trout

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Brown Trout

On April 11, 1884, the first recorded planting of brown trout (Salmo fario) in the United States was made into the Pere Marquette River system by the Northville, Michigan Federal Fish Hatchery. The trout eggs from which the planting of 4,900 fry was made had been obtained from Baron Friedrich Von Behr of Berlin, Germany, by Fred Mather, superintendent of the Cold Springs Harbor Federal Fish Hatchery at Long Island, New York. Some brown trout eggs had been shipped to the United States and distributed to various fisheries in the country for observation in 1883, but the Northville station was the first to stock American waters with the fish. From this beginning, the species (known in Germany as Bachforelle) has become widely established throughout the United States.
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3 Miles South of Baldwin M-37 in the Shrine of the Pines parking lot
Erected 1984

Location: 8962 South M-37
Baldwin, Lake County

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