Zeba Indian United Methodist Church

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Zeba Indian United Methodist Church

Early Methodist missionaries came to Kewawenon from Sault Sainte Marie by canoe, often a two week trip. Among then was John Sunday, a Chippewa, who arrived in 1832 to educate and Christianize his fellow Indians. John Clark came two years later and erected a school and mission house. By 1845 this mission consisted of a farm and a church with fifty-eight Indian and four white members. A second church, erected in 1850, was dedicated by John H. Pitezel, who served here from 1844 to 1847.
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Indians from far and near came here to attend the annual camp meetings which began in 1880. The present frame church, known now as the Zeba Indian Mission Church, was erected in 1888. Completely covered with hand-made wooden shingles, this structure has changed little since its construction. The Methodist minister of L'Anse serves the congregation. The Zeba Indian United Methodist Church, the successor of the 1932 Kewawenon mission is an area landmark.

Erected 1979

Location: Peter Markman Road NE of L'Anse
L'Anse, Baraga County

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Latitude: 46.8025564, Longitude: -88.4145355

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