General Squier Park

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General Squier Park

Major General George Owen Squier (1865-1934) was a noted soldier and scientist. Graduating from West Point in 1887, he subsequently led the United States Signal Corps. He was also Chief of the Army Air Service during World War I and military attaché in London during the postwar period. Working in the capacity of science, he discovered the multiplex telegraph system, which made him world renowned. The general held membership in the National Academy of Sciences, London Physical Society and the Royal Institute of Great Britain. Although he was denied royalties because of his army affiliations, Squier continued to contribute to the world of invention and discovery. He perfected much of his work at his country estate, which he opened as this free public park for the people of the community.
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General Squier held a great love for his community and showed this by establishing a country club in 1918 for the people of the entire area. The club was originally known as the "Golden Rule Club" for the general's only rule was that visitors should leave the grounds and equipment as they found them. In 1918, Squier purchased the old mill, built in 1871, and converted it into a cottage. In 1919 a building known as Forest Hall was constructed and served as the main meeting, dance and banquet area of the park. Other structures include a variety of rustic shelters, teahouses and a look-out tower. The general spent many hours of creative work in the tower as well as offering its use to the public. Lapeer County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Commission now administers this quaint little country club.

Erected 1979

Location: 4725 South Mill Road
Dryden Twp, Lapeer County

World War I

Latitude: 42.924444, Longitude: -83.126389

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