Van Vleck Hall

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Van Vleck Hall

This building was named for Reverend John Van Vleck, principal of the Holland Academy from 1855 to 1859. After the Reverend Albertus C. Van Raalte raised the necessary funds for the building, Van Vleck designed and supervised the construction. Completed in 1858, Van Vleck Hall initially contained dormitory, class and reading rooms, as well as a refectory, a chapel, and the residence of the principal. It was a focal point for activity at the Holland Academy, which was chartered as Hope College in 1866.
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Van Vleck Hall has played a vital role in the history of Hope College. The building survived the great fire of 1871 and housed students and the library in the late nineteenth century. During both World Wars, it served as a dispensary and infirmary for student military training programs. Erected at the highest point on campus, this symmetrical building stands as a tribute to the educational ideals held by those Dutch-Americans who founded Hope College.

Erected 1976

Location: Hope College Campus
Holland, Ottawa County

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