Copper Peak: Chippewa Hill

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Copper Peak: Chippewa Hill

At an altitude of 1,500 feet, 300 feet above the surrounding terrain, this location was the southernmost area in Michigan to offer a prospect of producing copper in commercial amounts. The Chippewa Copper Mining Company began work here in 1845, sinking a still visible tunnel into the granite rock. No copper was ever produced, although around 1900 the Old Peak Company made further explorations. In 1970 a 280-foot ski slide, the highest in the world, was completed on the peak in time for the western hemisphere's first international ski flying tournament here. Skiers record flights of nearly 500 feet from this slide.
photo of Copper Peak: Chippewa Hill

Erected 1974

Location: North Black River Valley Parkway
Ironwood, Gogebic County

Natural Features

Latitude: 46.5994494, Longitude: -90.0882339

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