Norway Spring

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Norway Spring

In 1878 a sawmill was erected here as the first industry in the Norway - Vulcan area. John O'Callaghan was owner of this mill which supplied early mining number needs until 1902. This spring was caused by a 1094 foot hole which was drilled in 1903 by the Oliver Mining Company in search of iron ore. The hole cuts several steeply dipping porous strata that trap water at the higher elevations to the north. The difference in elevation causes pressure: this pressure is released by the drilled hole demonstrating the principle of the artesian well. On the slope to the north are the obscure workings of the Few and Munro mines, operated in 1903-1922, now owned by the Ford Motor Company.
photo of Norway Spring

Erected 1966

Location: US-2 West of Norway
Norway, Dickinson County

Natural Features

Latitude: 45.796212504, Longitude: -87.92669130

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