City of Coldwater 1861-1961

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City of Coldwater 1861-1961

Potawatomi Indians ceded Coldwater Prairie to the United States in 1827. The Indians called it "Chuck-sew-ya-bish," meaning "cold spring water." Coldwater is located at the junction of Old Sauk and Fort Wayne Indian trails. The settlement's first house was built near this site in 1830 by Hugh Campbell. The first school was organized in 1832. Coldwater became a village in 1837, the county seat of Branch County in 1842, and a city on February 28, 1861. The State Home and Training School, dating back to 1871, is here. Coldwater has many fine old houses, legacies of the pioneers who built this city.
photo of City of Coldwater 1861-1961

Erected 1961

Location: City Park along US-12 at Marshall
Coldwater, Branch County

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Latitude: 41.940728706, Longitude: -85.00036776

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