Vermontville Academy

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Vermontville Academy

In 1836 a group from Vermont known as the Union Colony settled here. The members were determined that their children should receive a good education. The Vermontville Academical Association was formed, constructed this building and opened it for classes in the winter of 1844-45. Vermontville was advertised as an ideal location for an academy, since their was little to distract the students from their work. Because most of the Colony were Congregationalists, their minister also served as the Academy teacher. Religious services were held here until 1864 when the church across the street was completed. Town meetings were held in the Academy, and in 1853, Vermontville's first general store opened on the ground floor.
photo of Vermontville Academy

Erected 1970

Location: North Main and East Main St.
Vermontville, Eaton County


Latitude: 42.6294594, Longitude: -85.0249528

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