Berrien Springs Courthouse

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Berrien Springs Courthouse

This building, a fine example of Greek Revival style, was designed by Gilbert B. Avery in 1838. James Lewis, the contractor, agreed to complete the building by April 1839. Built almost entirely of whitewood, the courthouse has hand-hewn timbers almost one foot square and forty feet long. In 1894 the county seat was transferred to St. Joseph and the courthouse soon passed into private hands. For a number of years it was used as an armory for the Berrien Springs Light Guard and as a center for community gatherings. In 1922 the building was purchased by the Seventh-day Adventists Church, and in 1967 Berrien County repurchased the courthouse to ensure its preservation.
photo of Berrien Springs Courthouse

Erected 1970

Location: Union and Cass Streets
Berrien Springs, Berrien County

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Latitude: 41.948226943, Longitude: -86.34087547

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