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Mormon Print Shop

This building was erected in 1850, by James Strang and his followers. Here during the 1850s, these Mormon dissenters published religious works and two newspapers, the Northern Islander and the Daily Northern Islander. Strang's group had settled on Beaver Island in 1845 after breaking away from the Mormons led by Brigham Young. In 1850, Strang was declared "king" of his community, which made up the majority of the population of the island. In 1856, Strang was fatally shot by two disenchanted followers. In the wake of the assassination, an angry mob from the mainland stormed Beaver Island destroying buildings and forcing the Mormons to flee. At that time, this print shop was ransacked. It later became a boardinghouse. Today it serves as the headquarters for the Beaver Island Historical Society.
photo of Mormon Print Shop

Erected 1957

Location: Forrest and Main Street
St. James, Beaver Island, Charlevoix County

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Latitude: 45.746154489, Longitude: -85.52074044

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