Pine Grove

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Pine Grove

This was the home of Moses Wisner and his wife Angeolina Hascall. From 1859 to 1861, Wisner served Michigan as governor. He was born in New York, came to Michigan in 1837 and shortly established a successful law practice. In 1844 he purchased this property and in 1845 began construction of the main section of the house. He brought Angeolina here as a bride. Wisner planted various kinds of pine native to Michigan on the premises. During the Civil War he organized and commanded the 22nd Michigan Infantry. He died in Kentucky in 1863. He bequeathed his homestead to his wife who lived here until her death in 1905. Wisner's daughter and grand-daughter maintained "Pine Grove" until its purchase by the Oakland County Historical Foundation as a center for Oakland County history.
photo of Pine Grove

Erected 1961

Location: 405 Oakland Avenue
Pontiac, Oakland County

Civil War
Historic Homes

Latitude: 42.648125331, Longitude: -83.30434799

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